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Every time I post in this icon community, I can't help but be appalled by the fact that I barely post in this community anymore. Well, I'm not too surprised, given my laziness, but anyway. The spring anime season pretty much just started, so here's in the hopes that I actually go ahead and make some icons. I haven't actually decided on what anime I wanted to watch just yet with the exception of the ones that are forever ongoing and Ace Attorney.

I'm also trying to challenge myself into making more icons, so I'm going to attempt and icon every episode of Ace Attorney as it comes out, so please stay tuned for that! I'm also trying to take on the additional challenge of making icons of anime as I watch them, but whether I do that or not is a mystery.

And because I'm picking up making icons again, please feel free to commission me!

174 Ace Attorney (anime) (SPOILERS)


( why don't you talk to my lawyer? )

★ blank icons are not bases!
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★ comments are highly appreciated and are loved! ♥
☆ please do not hotlink! upload the icons to your own server, but please do not claim as your own.
★ screencaps are my own.
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